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10 Benefits of forex trading in 2022 (Free)

September 12, 2022

The benefits of forex trading are crucial to know before getting into it  — so you are sure that it’s worth your time. Forex Trading is one of the best asset classes to trade today, and many traders of all experience levels have Forex in their portfolio. This includes individuals to large hedge funds as well as leading banks. 
Whether you want to become a full-time trader or try it to make some money on the side, Forex trading is a great option for you  —  Only if you put in the work to learn about Forex before going into actual trading. Let’s look at some of the benefits of forex trading to confirm that the hours you have to put into learning forex will never be a waste. 

What is forex trading?  

Forex trading is the process of changing one currency to another to earn profits. These currencies get paired up, and traders trade these forex pairs for an agreed price. 
This asset class is so profitable that it has become a market with over $6.6 trillion daily trading volume. Even though Forex comes with significant volatility, when done correctly, the benefits of forex trading outnumber the drawbacks. 
The Foreign Exchange market is where currency pair trading takes place and offers a platform to the global trading community. A large number of traders within the market makes the forex market a highly liquid marketplace. 
The currency pair of EUR/USD is the most traded forex pair at the moment. In addition to Forex, this marketplace also offers a platform to trade derivatives, futures, options, and swaps. 

10 Benefits of forex trading

There are a large number of benefits to trading forex correctly. Understanding the benefits better can aid new traders in aligning their trading with objectives. 
These are some of the most common benefits of trading forex. 

Why Choose Forex over Stock trading  

The direction that you choose to go, may it be Forex or stock, solely depends on what your preferred trading asset is. 
While both are great profitable options, the benefits of trading forex exceed that of the stocks. Because of this, most active traders choose Forex over stock as their main trading field. But don’t just take our word for it. Look at the benefits for yourself. 

The direction that you choose to go, may it be Forex or stock, solely depends on what your preferred trading asset is. 
While both are great profitable options, the benefits of trading forex exceed that of the stocks. Because of this, most active traders choose Forex over stock as their main trading field. But don’t just take our word for it. Look at the benefits for yourself. 

Top brokers you can start Forex Trading

Choosing a reliable broker is one of the first things you should get right before getting into forex trading. With the correct broker, you will have a much easier time making a profit with Forex. As we mentioned earlier, having a good broker by your side is one of the biggest benefits of trading forex. 
When choosing a broker, one must pay attention to many aspects. These can include regulatory status, fees, spreads, leverage, and the support provided. Let's take a look at some of the best choices when it comes to reliable forex brokers. 

Icon FX 

Icon FX Logo - Icon FX Online Forex Broker

When talking about reliable and regulated brokers, Icon FX is a broker you can’t afford to miss. They offer impressive spreads starting from 0.0pips and leverage that goes up to 500:1. 
The broker is regulated by the ASIC and is also a registrant of St. Vincent & the Grenadines. 
With Icon FX, traders can expect market analysis, social trading, free trading tools, demo accounts, fast execution speeds, and great transparency on fees. 
In addition, you don't need to invest a minimum deposit to start trading here. Traders will access thousands of assets in five asset classes, including 50 forex pairs. Another one of the benefits of trading with Icon FX is the 24/5 multilingual customer support and the availability of great educational content. 



Whether you are a beginner or a veteran trader, eToro is a great place to make your trades. Traders that use eToro can enjoy 1:30 leverage, 0% commissions, and spreads starting from 0.1 for a minimum deposit of $200. eToro is also highly regulated and offers great trading platforms to suit the needs of traders.  
Where eToro shines is the copy trading feature that it allows its traders to use. With this feature, traders can duplicate trades from other professional traders to increase their chances of success. 


As one of the biggest forex brokers in the world, XM offers its services to over 5 000 000 clients from all around the world. The traders who use XM as their broker get access to over 1000 tradable assets, 25 secure payment, and withdrawal methods, and solid trading platforms. 
XM requires a minimum deposit of $5 and offers up to 888:1 leverage and low spreads starting from 0.0pips. As with any other regulated and reliable broker, XM also offers solid customer service and good educational material. XM is also a great choice to perform your trading transactions with. 

You can read our top forex brokers' articles to find out about the best forex traders in 2022. Although these articles have our unbiased opinion on each broker, we advise you to do your own research as well before making your decision.


What are the benefits of trading forex? 

Among many other benefits, Forex offers a flexible, liquid, volatile, and profitable market to trade on. Low costs and high leverage make Forex a great choice for beginners as well. 

What is the best platform to do forex trading? 

Icon FX and eToro are both great options for both experts and beginners. They both offer great features and low fees, are highly regulated and offer social trading features. 

Is Forex better than stocks? 

While there isn't a definitive answer, the choice depends on personal preference. However, Forex certainly has a few advantages going towards it.


When talking about the benefits of trading forex, there is a lot and what we have listed here are only a few of them. As one of the most flexible and liquid financial markets in the world, Forex offers a platform where traders can freely and easily perform trades and make profits.  

Since now you have a better understanding of the benefits of trading forex and the brokers to go with, you have a much easier time on your forex journey. 

Use what you can from this article on top of your research to make the best decision that can help navigate your career in the right direction. 

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